Product Care

How to care for your products...

Clay jewellery is usually more fragile than other types of jewellery- please remember that all items are handmade and must be handled with care 

♡Do not store clay items on the window where they are exposed to sun rays- they will be more prone to yellowing

♡If an eye pin falls out of your clay piece, there is a simple solution: super glue it back in! I already superglue these in but from time to time the eyepin can come out

♡ Earrings and necklaces 

Avoid contact with water, handle gently with care. Clean by polishing the earrings with a dry clean cloth (or something alike). Do not scratch at it

♡Hair Clips

Hair clips worn outside on your head may be prone to yellowing due to exposure to UV rays. Try not to wear in the sun for extended periods of time


Ceramic pieces are fragile and should be handled with care