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Moon & Sun Window Decal

Moon & Sun Window Decal

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♡A sun and moon rainbow window decal, 4x4 inch 

♡Removable sticker

♡You can peel and stick if you’d like, but it is advised to spray the clean glass/ window with water, and place the adhesive side of the sticker on the wet glass. Gently squeegee out any air or excess water. The adhesive may take on a a milky cast which will take about 3 days to clear up once the water has dried!

♡Rainbows will appear when the sun shines on the sticker! Make sure to put it somewhere the sun can hit the sticker. The pretty rainbows will vary with time of day and time of year


♡100% original design by PixieeeShop

♡ Ships worldwide from the UK


Ships worldwide from the UK! I ship to the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia & more. Please choose tracked shipping if you want to be able to track your order

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